Survival Resources

Are you a sex worker in the DC metro area, or are you thinking of engaging in sex work? Below are some services and resources.



HIPS believes that those engaged in sex work, sex trade, and drug use should be able to live healthy, self-determined, and self-sufficient lives free from stigma, violence, criminalization, or oppression. HIPS supports sex workers in the DC area through counseling, housing support, syringe access and disposal, and a 24-hour hotline.

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Amara Legal Center

Amara Legal Center is a DC-based organization that provides free legal services to sex workers who have had their rights violated, and can help with protection orders, child custody, name changes, expunging criminal records, public benefits, divorce, defense, and more. They also provide referrals to a variety of local social services.

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Casa Ruby

Casa Ruby is a DC-based bilingual and multicultural organization that supports queer, trans, gender nonconforming people. The organization provides holistic community support like meals, clothing, legal services, support groups, and emergency housing referrals.


No Justice No Pride (NJNP)

NJNP DC's Trans Justice Program has worked to train, employ, and provide mutual aid to young trans organizers and activists in occupied Piscataway land (the Native name for the land that is called Washington, DC). This includes providing temporary housing for trans people who have unstable housing.


Us Helping Us

Started in the 1980s by a group of gay and bisexual Black men aiming to find community in the wake of the AIDS crisis, Us Helping Us is a service organization that provides HIV/AIDS education and support, mental health care, and a caring community in the DC metro area.


Bread for the City

Bread for the City is a DC-based support center that provides food, clothing, healthcare (including dental, behavioral, and vision), legal services, and social services to low-income people in DC, regardless of their ability to pay.


Whitman-Walker Health

Whitman-Walker Health is a health and wellness provider in DC that has a series of health care centers across the district. Whitman-Walker specializes in transgender and queer health, emphasizes holistic care, and provides health care practices grounded in dignity, respect, and love.

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Tits and Sass

Tits and Sass is a service and news blog run for and by sex workers. From articles with tips on using Craigslist after SESTA/FOSTA to posts connecting sex workers with fundraisers, Tits and Sass is a supportive community that offers helpful information for people in the sex trade.


Do you have suggestions for resources for survival sex workers? Contact us!